Dr. Greve is amazing! He is an awesome Chiro and just a great man in general! He is flexible and easygoing, but very professional as well. Has tons of information and knowledge. I came to him with knee pain from a years past injury and he used techniques I had never even seen before (despite having been to multiple chiropractors across the country) and my knee has been better than ever! He is able to suggest supplements, too! The best part is that he is great with kids! I take my 2 year old son to him and he loves going to see Dr. Greve! He willingly if not excitedly gets up on the table to get adjusted! If you need a Chiropractor for yourself or your family, Dr. Greve is the one! Also, great with the crossfitting community. He is a crossfitter and so he knows how tough it can be on your body and what adjustments can help injuries and such! He also has his mobility certification and Rock Tape certification! Multiple times I have come in with a fatigued or injured muscle from crossfitting and he is able to tape me up so I can not only continue to work out but move easily through my daily activities! I cannot say enough good things about him or his practice!

— Claudia W.

Dr. Greve is an excellent chiropractor. He is personable and is easy to talk to. His flexible scheduling and easy going, yet professional nature make this practice the right choice for me. There are many chiropractors in Redding, I highly recommend this one.

— Steve C.

Dr. Greve adjusts myself and my family. He is honest, fair, knowledgeable and a delight to see when you need an adjustment. He has an incredible knowledge of nutrition and whole body health. Love us some Dr. Greve!

— Stephanie R.

This is not a reg Doctor he is changing people lives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t live in pain! go see him!

— Robert H.

Dr. Greve is amazing. Helpful and knowledgeable. His help with nutritional supplements is amazing, too.
Thank you for everything.

— Peter H.

I am by all definition a Chiropractic snob when it comes to who can get the job done and who cant. Dr. Greve is on top of the heap when it comes to getting the job done. His office is always tidy and clean. Best of all he has a wide array of supplements that you can choose from for a better healthy living. I would highly recommend Dr. Greve to anyone looking for a knowledgeable very experienced Chiropractor.

— Eric S.

I have gone to Dr Greve for years. I have Multiple Sclerosis. With out his help I wouldn’t be able to do most of the things I do. He is professional and caring. You won’t find a more dedicated chiropractor in Redding.

— Joie T.